The spa. It’s a routine activity for some and a rare treat for most. But for all, it’s a momentary escape from reality.


Wake up and smell the sea. From the sun-soaked Florida sands and classic So-Cal coast to the international beaches of Cabo and Bali, there are miles of waterfront real estate just waiting to be discovered.


Like your favorite hometown restaurant, boutique hotels impeccably capture an area’s local flavor. They smell good, taste right and feel like nowhere else.


Qualities of a good ski resort: fully-stocked rooms, superior customer service, diverse dining options and hot tubs with views on views.


What feels better than shooting below par? Not much. But retreating to a luxury hotel post-round feels pretty good.


An aerial view is often a city’s finest angle. And taking advantage of a rooftop is always a good idea. Comparable to sanctuaries in the sky, they’re enjoyed by curious travelers and locals alike.