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Hotels Villas Direct is the world’s largest search engine
for top-tier hotels dedicated to offering travelers a best rate guarantee for booking direct.

Who We Are

We’re a group of creative, inspired individuals with a shared desire to travel the world and help the people in it.

We relate to the guest. As the digital marketplace becomes more cluttered than ever, planning a trip is increasingly overwhelming. At the end of the day, travelers want to know they’re getting what they want for the lowest price. They shouldn’t have to sift through dozens of sites to prove it. With that in mind, we’ve curated a collection of trusted top-tier hotels, from which travelers can search, book direct and never second-guess – all in one place.

We understand the hotelier. From leading online travel publications to marketing tourism destinations, our team members have extensive hospitality experience. And through our existing partner sites, we’ve established relationships with travel and tourism brands and representatives across the globe. We’re aware of expectations and strive to assist hospitality partners by highlighting their level of commitment to consumers.

We support them both. We believe in the industry and aim to further develop it, through personal and professional efforts.

BRG Certified

If you find a lower price than a property’s published rate, a Best Rate Guarantee promises to offer an incentive in the form of rate matching, cash, certificates, points or more! When a property has received a “BRG Certified” badge, our team has confirmed it has a best rate guarantee program.


Our magazine, Sojourn Blvd., is a hub of travel goodness for wanderers and planners alike. Chock full of reviews, tips and inspo, it encourages readers to embark on their own life-changing adventures.

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